new iOS Application

Greek Crosswords

A Greek Crosswords Application with four different crosswords categories to choose. The goal is to succesfully solve each one of them.

The game is based on the classic crosswords using Greek words. The goal is two correctly find all the hidden words.

For all of you who need some help to solve each crossword, there are three help options. You can reveal a letter, reveal a word or check if the word you have typed is the right one. Currently there are 4 categories with 12 crosswords on each category (new categories will be added due time).

The first crossword of each category is TOTALLY FREE to check if you like the category or the application and buy and unlock the other 11 crosswords. If you have already purchased some of the categories and want to play in another device (with the same appleID) you can press the refresh button which will update your purchase history and unlock all of your already purchased categories.

Enjoy playing!