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  • Product Title:Costfit
  • Short Description: Cost Management System

Costfit delivers the necessary financial information that modern and competitive small sized companies & free launchers require.

Needs and requirements emerge rapidly in modern companies. Intensity of the competition and volatile enterprise environment, create the need for correct, constant and full financial monitoring of the company’ s financial performance.

The most accurate the tracking of the financial data, the best the overall performance of the firm and its profitability is.

Costfit is a pay-per-use financial software. It is a reliable & value-for-money tool for handling your financial data, since it helps you to:

  • Easily introduce your financial data (incomes, expenses, assets, human resources etc.).
  • Read valuable financial reports such as cash flow for specific timetables, cost per unit/project/service, profit margin, tax estimation, human resources effort etc.
  • Add value to your business, investing less time for data feeding relating to the crucial and high volume information you get back.

Also, financial objectives vary for each company, depending, basically, on the sector they are engaged in. Therefore, Costfit has been customized, in order to fit to the special needs & requirements of various business sectors such as services, manufacturing, commerce etc.

Costfit helps you in managerial tasks, helping you show quick reflexes in business transactions and take crucial decisions for critical objectives such as cost accounting, pricing, cash flow etc.