Mobile Ticketing

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  • Product Title:Mobile Ticketing
  • Short Description: Mobile ticket distribution system

The Ticket Booking is a web application designed to expand ticket distribution network and give the consumer the opportunity to acquire the ticket immediately, using his mobile phone without having to refer to distribution points.

The consumer must buy the ticket through the application before boarding either for immediate or future use, acting later about the ticket cancellation. Upon boarding the consumer should always show the active ticket to the driver. Through Ticket Booking the consumer is able to buy one way tickets or period ticket. The user can complete the purchase by credit card VISA or MASTERCARD, and also store the data of the credit card has already used or even add new cards. After the transaction is completed the user has the option to cancel the tickets at any time. For tickets with specified length of time, the countdown starts from the time of the cancellation until expiry.

Benefits to the company - customer

Our (Mobile Ticketing) application has multiple benefits not only for the company-customer but for the final user as well. More specific:

  • It's a new channel of distribution for its products.
  • Incomes are credited directly to the customer without the need of any procedures for their collection
  • There are no other costs (eg. paper costs, distribution)
  • Full control on sales volume and revenue using the backoffice system.
  • Analytical reports regarding time and quantity of inspectors ticket checking.
  • It enhances company's reputation as an innovative company that monitors the developments in technology and the market in general.